Pre-Assurance CSRD

CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) demands a change in your reporting processes. The new requirements make the audit processes more extensive and more complex. More than ever, it’s crucial to understand what the external auditor will be auditing and how. Pre-Assurance helps you to prepare and make your information CSRD assurance ready.

What is pre-assurance for CSRD?

As an external advisor, we challenge the internal control environment and the sustainability reporting process before the external auditor starts an audit. The pre-assurance advisory project helps you prepare for the audit by indicating the necessary adjustments. By making these adjustments before the external audit, you can avoid unnecessary external audit findings by the external auditor.

How does pre-assurance help you become CSRD audit-ready?

If your organization is subjected to CSRD, you must report according to ESRS (European Union Sustainability Reporting Standards) and EU Taxonomy. During a pre-assurance assessment, we challenge the robustness, accuracy, and reliability of the reporting process of the published information. The findings from a pre-assurance project focus on controls, data quality, data collection processes, consistency, and compliance of disclosures with reporting legislation.

Pre-assurance is the ideal means of determining the readiness of your organization for an audit by an external auditor who will provide an opinion (auditor’s report) with limited assurance or reasonable assurance.

What is the difference between pre-assurance and assurance?

Pre-assurance is based on the work that an auditor would perform, with the difference that there is no external statement. Also, the advisor who carries out the pre-assurance project does not provide assurance. It is important to emphasize that no rights can be derived from a pre-assurance report – the aim is to provide insight into those areas that need to be improved before the assurance.

How does Quantifier help you with CSRD pre-assurance?

  1. Pre-Assurance Assessment
    We help you determine to what extent your organization is ready for the external audit on CSRD reporting and, if needed, what actions are required to become CSRS assurance ready.
  2. ESG Assurance Readiness Boardroom Monitor
    The real-time monitor shows the status of your journey to CSRD assurance readiness at a glance.

“As an RA, I find the addition of non-financial information fascinating. CSRD expands and enriches our field as accountants. Yes, it’s complex, but the gathered information gives companies much more insight into their impact and the chance to optimize their core processes.”

Jelle Mattias Holwerda RA – consultant

Our approach

Why Quantifier?

As a boutique CSRD internal control and pre-assurance consulting firm, we understand what it takes to prepare your CSRD assurance.

Our highly motivated consultants have over a decade of experience in reporting, internal control, audit, and assurance.

We use this expertise and pragmatism to create an approach based on your unique context.

Together, we complete the journey to help your organization get CSRD assurance ready.

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