About us

In this new era of reporting, assurance is required on ‘all’ information – financial and non-financial.

The universal quantifier symbol ∀ stands for ‘all’, and at Quantifier, we know that sustainability reporting always needs to be consistent with financial reporting.

As a boutique CSRD internal control and pre-assurance consulting firm, we understand what it takes to prepare your CSRD assurance. Our highly motivated consultants have over a decade of experience in reporting, internal control, audit, and assurance.

We use this expertise and pragmatism to create an approach based on your unique context. Together, we complete the journey to help your organization get CSRD assurance ready.

Our core principles

1. Knowledge drives action

We apply pragmatism and in-depth expertise in the field of pre-assurance and internal control to help you become compliant with CSRD reporting (ESRS & EU Taxonomy).

2. The end is our start

Based on your unique context, we establish what it means to get ‘CSRD assurance ready’. To do so, dialogue with your external auditor is paramount.

3. Dedication leads to the perfect fit

We plan concrete steps tailored to your capacity and timelines to help you reach ‘CSRD assurance readiness’ efficiently.

4. Together is better

We assist you in implementing internal control environments that work for you as well as your supply chain partners.

5. Clarity guides the journey

Our unique ‘ESG Assurance Readiness Boardroom Monitor’ gives you a real-time overview of your progress.

“As an RA, I find the addition of non-financial information fascinating. CSRD expands and enriches our field as accountants. Yes, it’s complex, but the gathered information gives companies much more insight into their impact and the chance to optimize their core processes.”

Jelle Mattias Holwerda RA – consultant

Who is

Jelle Mattias Holwerda MSc RA (Dutch CPA)

Dutch Chartered Accountant with 15+ years of experience managing and leading projects for EY’s international private sector audit clients (financial industry and private equity) and working with public sector audit clients (Ministry of Finance).

Member of the ESG Assurance Working Group for the Royal Dutch Institute of Chartered Accountants Commission, responsible for revising ESG audit standards.

Academic Lecturer and Executive Education speaker for Nyenrode Business University and Quantifier.

  • Compliance – how does a CFO implement audit proof (reporting & control) CSRD?
  • Governance – what is the ‘new’ audit committee’s role under CSRD?
  • Leadership – how to turn ESG compliance into a business opportunity?
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