Trust & Truth.

The value of your organization is built on trust. Customers, legislators, investors, and partners – all need confidence in the information you will publish under CSRD, your report needs to be accurate and reliable.

Quantifier helps you get ‘in control’ and ‘audit ready’ on CSRD reporting. By implementing control frameworks for your sustainability reporting and by delivering assurance readiness assessments. So you can be confident about any audit you face.

Pre-Assurance CSRD

Is your organization ready for an external audit under CSRD requirements? Discover where you stand and what actions you need to take.

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Control Framework ICSR

How can your organization achieve effective internal control over sustainability reporting (ICSR)? Discover what you need to add to your existing control framework.

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Executive Education

What sustainability legislation and which control environment are relevant for your situation? Gain the knowledge you need to prepare for external audits.

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Our principles

Assurance on all information

The universal quantifier symbol ∀ stands for ‘all’, and at Quantifier, we know that sustainability reporting needs to be consistent with financial reporting.

Knowledge drives action 

The end is our start

Dedication leads to the perfect fit

Together is better

Clarity guides the journey

“Jelle Mattias Holwerda knows how to take you through the process the auditor goes through. This is a unique perspective on the subject and the perfect preparation to set up the sustainability reporting process as efficiently as possible.”

Vanes de Bruijn – Stedin

“As an RA, I find the addition of non-financial information fascinating. CSRD expands and enriches our field as accountants. Yes, it’s complex, but the gathered information gives companies much more insight into their impact and the chance to optimize their core processes.”

Jelle Mattias Holwerda RA – consultant

Our approach

Why Quantifier?

As a boutique CSRD internal control and pre-assurance consulting firm, we understand what it takes to prepare your CSRD assurance.

Our highly motivated consultants have over a decade of experience in reporting, internal control, audit, and assurance.

We use this expertise and pragmatism to create an approach based on your unique context.

Together, we complete the journey to help your organization get CSRD assurance ready.

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